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My Tweets 11.21.12

Im upset with the war between Israel and Gaza. I’m upset that some of us don’t know how to treat human life with respect. I’m ashamed at what’s going on within our CIA, Washington, and our Military. I bummed that people didn’t listen to Ron Paul even though he predicts things that come true all the time. I’m concerned about our decline as a result of our debt and spending habits. I’m let down knowing that most Americans don’t care about holding the high office of congress accountable for their irresponsible actions. I’m thankful to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I’m glad taht I woke up 13 months ago. These are some of my tweets this past week.



    • Can you imagine if this passed as a law? 25,000 signatures needed before Dec. 11
    • I wish America took this man seriously instead of believing what TV said was cool
    • God have mercy on all of us. WWIII is about to
    • If we don’t enforce our rights and duties as responsible Americans, who will?
    • How would you bring peace to the Middle East?
    • It’s been 13 months since I took the red pill and I’ve learned how deep the rabbit hole goes
    • I share this every Thanksgiving. I wish I paid attention in history class!
    • Our huge credit-bubble depression is alive a strong and this is a way to measure it


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