World War III : God Have Mercy On Us

The tensions in the Middle East are far too complex for most Americans to comprehend. What is happening in Israel and Gaza today will be written in our next generation's history books. Who they blame will depend on where Read more

World War III : God Have Mercy On Us

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The tensions in the Middle East are far too complex for most Americans to comprehend. What is happening in Israel and Gaza today will be written in our next generation’s history books. Who they blame will depend on where you’re from.

It’s beyond the question of whose right and wrong at this point. The Vendettas that have existed for 100′s or even 1000′s of years have permanent scars too deep to heal in our lifetime. All we can do is pray that one day everyone in the world will wake up tomorrow and realize that all this time, we were simply supposed to live a happy life while being good to one another and respecting our human race family as one.

Everyone’s god is looking upon this planet today and wondering how their children have gotten so out of control. Sometimes we all need to learn to take a step back and focus on the reasons why we were put on this Earth to begin with. It certainly was not for war or to kill one another. To me there will always be one god for all 7 billion of us and it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in.

History books about the Middle East are measured by the murders of their leaders and people. It all serves as a chess move towards an end game. Here is one of the latest chess moves (Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari killed on video) in central Gaza on Wednesday.

The strike marked the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense to target Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations in Gaza. At this point there does not seem to be an orderly government in Gaza but rather a region controlled by different gangs. As well multiple rockets hit Tel Aviv in the first attack on Israel’s commercial capital in 20 years. Many innocent civilians and children were killed in the attacks and the feud between Israelis and Palestinians has reached the next level.

This article is not taking sides but simply observing what is about to happen. Israel said it will “do what it must” to defend the Jewish state and all sides seems to respond with only attacks of perpetual revenge.

Any sensible person would understand that this will ultimately lead to the extinction of one or all sides. The only way to live together in this world is to do so in peace. Children in most of the Middle East are taught or programmed to hate their enemy but who really is the enemy? What I know is that when masses are divided on beliefs there is a great possibility that both sides are wrong and right, much like the the argument of abortion. To some it’s murder of a child and to others it’s personal liberties taken away by it’s government. Strong arguments on both sides but who is right?

I certainly do not agree with the act of terrorism or murder from any group but I feel obligated to ask why each side is so angry and can there be a compromise. If there is no compromise then maybe all sides are a menace to society. America will be drawn into this conflict soon as will China and Russia and the world we once lived in will be very different in the coming years as World War III takes shape. Whether we all survive is up to us.

God have mercy on our souls and give us the strength to learn how to live in harmony.



Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in the Rockaways

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Now that my power is back from the hurricane, I decided to goto the Rockaways on Long Island this Saturday to help out with the hurricane relief. It’s a little over an hour drive from me. I was a little worried about wasting gas because Long Island has a shortage and the lines are approx. 4-6 hours at most stations….but I said “screw it!”

As I got closer to the town, it started to hit me. The destruction was horrible and it made me feel quite upset but thankful for my family at the same time. I started seeing the piles of debris in front of houses getting bigger and bigger as I got closer.

My destination was a church called St. Frances De Sales were I started out lifting heavy boxes, moving and sorting clothes and food as the rush of desparate residents shuffled in to live another day without power and deal with the cold weather. It felt great to help organize things as well. I was able to ask other volunteers what was moving the quickest and I found out the popular items everyone wants

Most Needed Items
  • Batteries (especially AAA, D, and 9V)
  • Flash Lights
  • Baby Wipes
  • Face Masks
  • Work Gloves
  • Cough Medicine (infant, children, and adult)
  • Baby Formula
  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Men’s Sox (but I’m sure all sox are fine)
  • Rubber Boots

If you can donate any of these items, please click this link ASAP

UPDATE : If you are from out of town, ship to these addresses :

  • Gerritsen Beach Fire Department (GBFD) 52 Seba Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229
  • You can mail clothes, diapers, shoes, underwear (clean!), bras, brushes, soap, goods, etc to 1 beach 193rd street, breezy point, ny 11697, USA.
  • You can mail fire and construction equipment (gloves, bags, hoods, boots) to 1 fireman’s plaza, breezy point, ny 11697 USA.

(more coming)

I felt the need to take pictures around the neighborhood with my iPhone because I didn’t seem to get the same experience from mainstream TV media. Many people have lost their homes to fire or water damage. There is limited shelter space so many of these families have to stay in their houses with no heat. It’s especially hard on the little children who don’t understand what’s happening and elderly who can’t help themselves.


Death Tolls

There is still a lot of problem areas like the Rockaways that have similar situations. According to the Huffington Post, the death toll in New York alone is now 41 and about half of those are in Staten Island which reportedly got hit the hardest out of all the boroughs. New Jersey death toll is now 22 and the shore got hit especially hard.

NYC Marathon or Save Lives

There was also a lot of controversy over Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to keep the famous NYC Marathon scheduled for this Sunday. Many people in New York shared the same criticism saying it was not the time for a marathon especially when life-saving resources would be diverted from the recovery.

Mayor Bloomberg decided yesterday to cancel the marathon due to the negative feelings from the public and yet he still insists that the marathon would not have taken resources away which is hard to believe. This quote from a Breitbart article explains the anger that was building up from families in Staten Island where the NYC Marathon was supposed to start : 

“We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!”

Photo Credit : New York Post


The Examiner had a great idea about using the generators for gas stations but what’s really startling is hearing that these generators could power 400 homes. The part that really kills me is that I want to know where the generators are today. I couldn’t find one article about what happened to the generators…so where are they now and are they saving people or are they sitting in a warehouse?

The most important thing to take away from this storm is that we should always respect mother nature and try to be as prepared as possible when it does happen. It is great to see how many people come to the aid of their fellow neighbors when tragedies like this strike a community. I believe these catastrophes only make us stronger in the end. Please try to help anyway you can and don’t let the media allow you to forget as the election nears. Stay close to these links and check in to see the progress even after your news channel stops reporting. If you want to help families in need, here are a few links whether its donations or volunteering :

Video Clips You May Not Have Seen Yet

INCREDIBLE : 3 huge trees fall and fire erupts during Hurricane Sandy Storm.

East Village, Manhattan at 8th st and Avenue C

Time lapse of storm arriving and destroying

News bloopers to make you smile

Coverage of destruction

Breezy Point Fires

NYC Crane breaks

Do you really care if the person saving you is a union worker? Who makes these decisions? UPDATE : There have been reports that the union has denied this.

Fire fighters fighting fire in 5 feet of water

A Chevy Cavelier copletely totaled by Hurricane Sandy :

Aerial View of Destruction

Tree knocked down by Hurricane Sandy reveals a full skeleton

Face of building falls in NYC during Hurricane

Tree being uprooted




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Citizens Gateway recently announced that they will be producing a powerful documentary that will find real life solutions to save America’s economy. The original release date was scheduled in time for the 2012 elections but due to a lack of funds, the film has been pushed back to later in 2013. The film is non-partisan which explains why money would be hard to raise. If it was a right wing or left wing film, perhaps the movie would be in theaters in time for the election. To learn more about the film, you can visit

Mission Statement from the filmmakers

WE THE PEOPLE is a film about how to fix the American Economy and bring back the American Spirit.
We Believe……

  • Capitalism can be successful if treated with respect (moral capitalism)
  • There is no quick solutions
  • Great things can happen in great numbers
  • Americans need to be more proactive for their country
  • With great power and money comes great responsibility
  • Almost everyone was responsible for the 2008 crash
  • We should hold the reckless banks, CEO’s, and financial institutions accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We should hold the rating agencies accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We let CDO’s and CDS’s get very dangerous and they should have been regulated
  • Many leaders were warned about the 2008 crash but did nothing
  • The bailouts were unfair
  • People should understand how bubbles work
  • Letting banks fail may have been an option
  • If we did let them fail, we should have let smaller banks take pieces of the larger reckless banks
  • If you are too big to fail, you can take down a nation
  • Theres enough money in America for us to have prosperity
  • If you work hard and you are good at what you do, you deserve a shot at the American Dream
  • The gap between rich and poor is way to big
  • More companies should remember why they are successful and help the people and their country, who made it possible
  • Paying close attention to our national debt and doing something drastic to shrink it
  • China may soon exceed our GDP
  • Globalization can be dangerous and that we should re-think our global solutions
  • In bringing back jobs to America even if it hurts a little
  • The Federal Reserve should be audited regularly
  • The Federal Reserve may have too much power
  • The Federal Reserve’s job was to avoid us from the Great Depression and 2008 crash but instead they were partly responsible
  • We cannot afford to print anymore money
  • We cannot afford to be at war
  • Printing money (quantitative easing) causes inflation
  • We should solve problems by talking rather than declaring war
  • Repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 was a bad idea
  • Nixon may have not made the right choice by taking us off the gold standard in 1971
  • Money should not be used to influence decisions in politics
  • Globalization is responsible for losing many jobs offshore
  • We keep kicking the can down the road instead of taking the pain
  • Our checks and balance system is not working well because of the people in it
  • We are slowly drifting further and from our constitution and the important ideals of our founding fathers
  • Congress is unproductive
  • Congress should be fired if they can’t do their job effectively
  • Congress should be held responsible for their actions
  • The president should be held accountable for all the promises he makes on campaign trail
  • Entitlements are getting bigger and bigger
  • Redistricting effects election outcomes
  • The revolving door between Washington and Wall Street is a huge conflict of interest
  • In simplifying the tax code
  • Money in politics should be removed or limited greatly
  • The playing field is not even because of obsessive lobbying
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop wasting time fund raising and do their jobs
  • Congressmen/women and senators should read bills before they vote on them
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop worrying about being re-elected and represent the people that voted them in for once
  • That we should pay attention to what kind of jobs are being created
  • That our unemployment is unacceptable
  • In inspiring people to bring back an American Spirit
  • We should help each other more
  • Media should be called out on their biased views
  • Bad teachers should be fired and good teachers should be rewarded
  • In exploring energy sources for the future
  • People should focus on all the red tape we spend money on healthcare
  • Malpractice law suits are out of control.
  • People are not properly informed
  • Excessive amounts of our money are spent on war, the military, overseas bases, etc.
  • We should bring back our troops but protect our borders safely.
  • There are powerful people that benefit financially from war
  • Our military is losing morale
  • Suicide rates within military personnel is at record highs
  • Innovations will save America
  • In morals and ethics
  • We should make a better world for our children’s future
  • There has to be a better way


Occupy Wall Street | What Do They Want? Prosperity

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Join WE WANT PROSPERITY facebook page

Many people generalize OWS. There are probably some bad apples for sure but the core idea is that they are fed up with how the system is treating them and they want something better. God bless America for having a protest industry, many countries do not. The lack of true leadership is a problem and they need to pick a few core fundamental issues that they all (or mostly) agree on. Once this happens the great engine will be started. Will you step up and lead, if not then who?