World War III : God Have Mercy On Us

The tensions in the Middle East are far too complex for most Americans to comprehend. What is happening in Israel and Gaza today will be written in our next generation's history books. Who they blame will depend on where Read more


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As the presidential election nears, who can you really trust? According to Politifact, both President Obama and Governor Romney have been caught in plenty of lies. So it makes you wonder, will it really make a difference who you vote for? What happens if the reason you vote for one of them doesn’t get fulfilled? According to Politifact, Obama broke over 80 promises from the campaign trail in 2008. In case you didn’t know, there are many other candidates running for president this year. You can see a list of all candidate running for president here even though mainstream media doesn’t talk about them.


1. “Regulations have quadrupled. The rate of regulations quadrupled under this president.”

2. “Redistribution” has “never been a characteristic of America.”

3. “Under Obama’s plan (for welfare), you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check.”

4. President Barack Obama is “ending Medicare as we know it.”

5. Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of “peace through strength” is why “the Iranians released the hostages on the same day and at the same hour that Reagan was sworn in.”

6. Says in the 2012 State of the Union address, President Obama “didn’t even mention the deficit or debt.”

7. The U.S. military is at risk of losing its “military superiority” because “our Navy is smaller than it’s been since 1917. Our Air Force is smaller and older than any time since 1947.”

8. “We’re only inches away from no longer being a free economy.”

9. President Obama “went around the world and apologized for America.”

10. “We’re inches away from no longer having a free economy.”

11. “A few months into office, (President Barack Obama) traveled around the globe to apologize for America.”

12. “We are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market economy.”

13. “I don’t describe your plan as amnesty in my ad. I don’t call it amnesty.”

14. “In one year, (President Obama) provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world … into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1.”

15. Says President Obama has “doubled” the deficit.

16. “Right now, the (Congressional Budget Office) says up to 20 million people will lose their insurance as Obamacare goes into effect next year.”

17. When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, “we didn’t just slow the rate of growth of our government, we actually cut it.”

18. “Only one president has ever cut Medicare for seniors in this country . . . Barack Obama.”

19. Says Barack Obama “never worked in the private sector” before he was elected president.

20. “I don’t have lobbyists running my campaign.”


1. Says Mitt Romney “called the Arizona law a model for the nation.”

2. “Under Gov. Romney’s definition … Donald Trump is a small business.”

3. “Over the last four years, the deficit has gone up, but 90 percent of that is as a consequence of” President George W. Bush’s policies and the recession.

4. “Fast and Furious” began under the Bush administration.

5. Mitt Romney “says the Arizona immigration law should be a model for the nation.”

6. Says Mitt Romney would deny gay people the right to adopt children.

7. “The only time government employment has gone down during a recession has been under me.”

8. “Under the Romney/Ryan budget, interest rates on federal student loans would be allowed to double.”

9. If the Supreme Court throws out the federal health care law, it “would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

10. “For the first time since 1990, American manufacturers are creating new jobs.”

11. “Preventive care … saves money, for families, for businesses, for government, for everybody.”

12. “Thirty million Americans, including a lot of people in Florida, are going to be able to get healthcare next year because of that law.”

13. “I made a bunch of these promises during the campaign. … We’ve got about 60 percent done in three years.”

14. Under President Barack Obama, the United States has “doubled our exports.”

15. Says stories about his birth certificate drowned out media coverage of the Republican and White House budget plans the week of April 11.

16. The president’s proposed budget “will help reduce the deficit by $400 billion over the next decade to the lowest level since Dwight Eisenhower was president.”

17. Under the White House’s budget proposal, “we will not be adding more to the national debt” by the middle of the decade.

18. Twelve judges have thrown out legal challenges to the health care law because they rejected “the notion that the health care law was unconstitutional.”

19. “I didn’t raise taxes once.”

20. “No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration.”

Ben Swann from Fox’s Reality Check explains why there is only 2 candidates in the mainstream News, Weather

There will be a final debate on November 5 at 9pm EST and you can watch it here

I personally can’t trust either one of them. In my opinion I think the pressure will be too difficult on both of them and they will have to give back favors to their top campaign contributors. When this kind of money is involved, there is no way you can be honest all the time



How do Electoral College votes really work?

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How the Electoral College works in the modern world. Is this the best system or could it be better?
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At least that’s what this congressman is saying. What happens when a Republican Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle? Watch the fireworks as Unite In Action’s Director of Legal Affairs KrisAnne Hall and 912 Project National Co-Chair, Unite In Action President, Stephani Scruggs respond.

This took place at The National Republican Club of Capitol Hill, commonly known as the Capitol Hill Club, in Washington DC on June 28th, 2012 with Michelle Bachmann, Rep Gosar and several other members of congress as well as The Tea Party.Net. with syndicated talk show host Rusty Humphries as the MC. It was broadcast on LiveStream by The Tea Party.Net