World War III : God Have Mercy On Us

The tensions in the Middle East are far too complex for most Americans to comprehend. What is happening in Israel and Gaza today will be written in our next generation's history books. Who they blame will depend on where Read more

My Tweets 11.21.12

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Im upset with the war between Israel and Gaza. I’m upset that some of us don’t know how to treat human life with respect. I’m ashamed at what’s going on within our CIA, Washington, and our Military. I bummed that people didn’t listen to Ron Paul even though he predicts things that come true all the time. I’m concerned about our decline as a result of our debt and spending habits. I’m let down knowing that most Americans don’t care about holding the high office of congress accountable for their irresponsible actions. I’m thankful to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I’m glad taht I woke up 13 months ago. These are some of my tweets this past week.



    • Can you imagine if this passed as a law? 25,000 signatures needed before Dec. 11
    • I wish America took this man seriously instead of believing what TV said was cool
    • God have mercy on all of us. WWIII is about to
    • If we don’t enforce our rights and duties as responsible Americans, who will?
    • How would you bring peace to the Middle East?
    • It’s been 13 months since I took the red pill and I’ve learned how deep the rabbit hole goes
    • I share this every Thanksgiving. I wish I paid attention in history class!
    • Our huge credit-bubble depression is alive a strong and this is a way to measure it




Where are our Leaders today?

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I ‘m writing this article out of pure frustration. Where are the True Leaders of our FREE WORLD, you know men among men. The kind of Leaders we wrote books about in awe of their dignity & integrity. Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Dwight D Eisenhower to name a few.

Can you imagine President Bush, Obama or former candidate Romney meeting these Presidents of the past. What do you think they would think? These men led troops into battle, bled with their fellow Americans on the battlefield, rode horses and fired weapons, worked as farmers, plantation owners, lawyers and skilled  laborers. They were also appointed many honorable positions before deserving the supreme position of all, President of the United States of America. Let’s do a Comparison.

George Washington
    • Born in Virginia and Home schooled
    • He grew up on a Plantation mastering growing tobacco ,stock raising and surveying land
    • Official surveyor of Culpeper County
    • He then became a speculative land purchaser and gradually owned over 8000 acres
    • He was appointed head of Virginia Militia
    • Earned honorary rank of Colonel after taking Virginia Militia into battle and killing a french commander
    • He was shot 4 times and saved by his Cloak
    • For his bravery he was made Commander of all Virginia troops
    • He was then selected to the 1st Continental Congress
    • The Revolutionary War began and he was appointed Commander and Chief of the Colonial Forces
    • Washington fights for many years and wins the war with the help of France in 1781
    • He resigned as Commander and Chief and went back to farming his land for 4 years
    • He returned  to Congress
    • He was the only president ever to be chosen unanimously by all electors in the electoral college to be the 1st President of the United States
    • He served two-terms and declined a third declaring that two-terms were more than enough for any president
Abraham Lincoln
    • Born in a log cabin in Kentucky
    • 18 months of formal education
    • Known for wielding an axe ,cutting wood and and rail fencing
    • He was a shop keeper,postmaster and owner of a general store
    • Loved to read and became very political
    • He was soon elected to state legislator
    • Started formulating views on Slavery and soon became a self taught lawyer and passed the BAR
    • Became a lobbyist for the Central RailRoad
    • He then ran for Senator 1857 and failed
    • But the public liked him so much he was pushed right into the Presidential race and Won becoming the 16th President of the United States
    • In 1861 the Deadliest and costliest War began The Civil War,there were Generals like Ulysses S Grant & General Robert E Lee battling for America
    • Lincoln was the first President to use his Power and circulate his own Debt Free currency “The Greenback” which was in circulation until 1994
    • He won the War
    •  Soon after was assassinated some say for creating his own money and standing up to and routing out the Big banks of the Rothchild’s and there Fractional Reserve Banking we have today.
Andrew Jackson
    • Born in The Waxhaws region between North Carolina and South Carolina
    • At 13 he joined the local Militia
    • Served as a courier in the Revolutionary War
    • His older brother Hugh died in battle and Andrew and his other brother Robert were captured by the British
    • They both got small pox and were released few days later Robert died and Jackson’s mother died that November and he orphaned at age 14
    •  Raised by his uncles he started to study Law
    • He took the BAR passed and became a lawyer
    • He was a member of the convention that established the Tennessee constitution
    • That same year he was elected as Tennessee’s 1st representative in the house
    • The following year ,he was elected to the Senate he resigned shortly after and became a Supreme court Judge
    • He was also a successful landowner and a merchant he grew cotton and was among the planting elite
    • He was appointed Commander of the Tennessee Militia and killed many warriors in the War of 1812
    • He was appointed Major General
    •  He defeated the british in New Orleans and became a national HERO and winning him a gold medal soon after he coined the name “Old Hickory” for his toughness by his troops
    • He fought in the 1st Seminole war and over through the spanish governor who was assisting the indians
    • He then became senator again
    • He was nominated for President  losing to John Quincy Adam’s there was much corruption in this election and this separated the Democrats and Republicans into 2 separate parties
    • He then Won the next election and was announced President of the United States in 1828
    • He was the 1st President to assume command with his power and Veto
    • He believed in giving the power to elect the President and Vice President to the people and abolished the Electoral college
    • Implemented the spoils system
    • Perhaps his greatest battle was with The Second Bank of the The United States (there Federal Reserve) and fought them for the rest of his career denying there charter with all the public behind him ,a foiled assassination from the bankers only made him stronger and loved by the public.


Dwight D Eisenhower
    • Born in Dennison Texas
    • He was a young star football and baseball player in high School
    • He worked at his family business at there creamery and moonlighted as a fireman
    • He later joined West Point where he became a football star again until his knee injuries
    • He graduated top of his class as second lieutenant
    • WW1 began he was appointed to run the tank training center
    • He was promoted to Major
    • He then became Executive officer of General Fox Conner in Panama
    • He then applied for The Prestigious school -The Command and General staff school,he graduated 1st in his class
    • He was appointed Chief military aide under General MacArthur
    • Then was appointed assistant military advisor as well
    • He then became Chief of staff for the 3rd army
    • Then promoted to Brigadier General
    • Then transferred to the war plans division in Washington,he was promoted to Major General a few months later
    • He then becomes  Commander and chief -and-chief of the Allied forces
    • By D Day he was promoted to a 5 Star general rank
    • He was made military Governor of U.S. Occupied zone
    • He was then appointed to U.S. Army chief of staff
    • He was elected President of Columbia University
    • Then became Supreme Commander of NATO
    • He retired  from active service and decided to run for President, He won by a Landslide and became The 34th President of the United States 2 terms.


NOW they are Impressive and Deserving leaders in my opinion –But Let’s see who we get


Mitt Romney
    • Born in Michigan
    • Comes from a rich family
      Attended Brigham Young University
    • He went to Harvard law and business school receiving his masters and law degree
    • Is an active Morman
    • He worked for a management consulting firm founded Bain Capital
    • Ran for Senate and lost
    • President of Salt Lake CityOrganizing Committee
    • He Authored a book (Crisis,Leadership and the Olympic Games)
    • Was elected Governor of Massachusetts
    • Ran for Presidency in 2008 and 2012 and lost.
    • No appointed roles , no military background


George W Bush
    • Born in New Haven Connecticut
    • Come’s from a rich family
    • Below average student in high school
    • Went to prestigious Yale university got a C average
    • Was a cheer leader (not kidding)
    • Had a big drinking problem
    • Was arrested for drunk driving/suspended license
    • Joined the Texas Air Guard – went AWOL during the WAR in Vietnam
    • Ran for US Congress and lost
    • Bought an Oil Company in Texas – couldn’t find oil so bankrupted company
    • Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team (Daddy’s money of coarse)
    • Became Governor -with help from Enron CEO Ken Lay and Daddy
    • Changed Texan pollution laws to favor power and oil companies–Now Texas is most smog ridden and polluted in country
    • Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas Treasury for billions of borrowed dollars
    • Most executions ever by any governor in the history of America
    • Became 43rd President due to lost votes in his brothers territory in Florida( 500,000 missing votes)
    • Worst speaker of any president
    • invaded 2 countries costing billions to taxpayers
    • Spent the US surplus and bankrupted the US treasury this time
    • The most private bankruptcies ever filed in 12 months
    • The biggest drop in Stock market in US history
    • Set the record for most days on vacation in 12 month period
    • 1st President to ever come to office with a criminal record
    • In his 1st 2 years in office 2 million people lost there job and that trend continues even today
    • He presided over the highest gasoline prices in history
    • He broke more international treaties then any other president in history
    • He gave us the Patriot Act
    • All records of SEC investigations into insider trading and other bankrupted companies are sealed in secrecy and unavailable to the public
    • The list goes on


Barack Obama
    • Born in Hawaii ? (no proof)
    • He attended Punahou Academy
    • Played  basketball and graduating with academic honors
    • He then graduated Columbia University in political science
    • Worked as a community organizer
    •  He joined the Trinity United Church of Christ
    • He joined Harvard law school and graduated
    • Published an autobiography of his Father who he met once
    • He then ran for state Senator in Illinois and won
    • He ran for house of representatives and lost
    • He then ran for U.S. Senate and won
    • He then ran for President in 2008 and won for his campaign on “Hope and Change”(which most Americans bought into)
    • Re-elected president 2012 with unemployment at a record high
    • No appointed roles ,no military background ,never owned or ran a business,no skilled trade
    • The 1st 100 days of 2008 he spent almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money to bailout the banking system and spent 5.7 trillion in 3  1/2 years
    • The abuse of our civil liberties and constitution
    • No accountability to any of the large banks who gambled and stole from the American people
    • Student Loans surpassed -credit card and car loans- young people owe over $1 Trillion in debt
    • Signed the NDAA(indefinite detention for terrorists even Americans)
    • Left our troops in Afghanistan (promised to bring them home)
    • Sent military into Libya unauthorized by Congress
    • Our Ambassador was assassinated in Libya soon after
    • Allows US Drones to gather information on civilians
    • Ordered a cluster bomb attack in Yemen and killed woman , children and imprisoned the Journalist that revealed the truth
    • Broke a promise to reject the Military Commissions Act
    • Blocked Freedom of Information act requests regarding ties to Monsanto
    • Authorized assassination of US citizen abroad, 2 weeks later assassinated his 16 year old son
    • Signed the Trespass Bill making it a federal offense to disruptive at political events
    • 6 whistle blowers where prosecuted under The Espionage Act only used twice since ww1(Only President ever to prosecute this many)
    • Appointed lobbyist Leon Panetta to head of the CIA appointed top fundraiser and top lobbyist Eric Holder to Attorney General
    • After attacking Auto,Financial and Health Lobbyist Steve Ricchetti for his political connections Obama appointed him to Vice President Biden’s Top Aide
    • The list goes on but his greatest achievement in my opinion is as president of the United States of America he put American people in a $16 trillion Debt and rising so quickly that we must raise the debt ceiling another 2.4 trillion dollars which was just raised 2.4 trillion only 15 months ago. He is also allowing the Federal Reserve to run there printing presses at 40 billion a month with Q3 adding to our never ending debt.

A leader by definition is a person who leads or commands a group or organization; A person followed by others. A leader has a vision. Leaders see a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal that needs to be achieved .

I’m not quite sure where our leaders have gone. Has America become this corrupt  and blind that we allow these types of leaders to run the very country that our Forefathers bled and fought so hard for with honor integrity and moral principles.We are now a Fascist Governing nation , deep down I don’t see the intrinsic values and ethics we once had even family values are weak, American people want to stand up and believe we are a nation of freedom and greatness. Unfortunately this is a past and distant memory and this saddens me deeply- I want to believe in this country I want to defend her honor and stand proud as an American once again.

I leave you with a great quote —”Men don’t follow titles they follow Courage.” —- God Bless America.

-Christopher Forgione-








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Citizens Gateway recently announced that they will be producing a powerful documentary that will find real life solutions to save America’s economy. The original release date was scheduled in time for the 2012 elections but due to a lack of funds, the film has been pushed back to later in 2013. The film is non-partisan which explains why money would be hard to raise. If it was a right wing or left wing film, perhaps the movie would be in theaters in time for the election. To learn more about the film, you can visit

Mission Statement from the filmmakers

WE THE PEOPLE is a film about how to fix the American Economy and bring back the American Spirit.
We Believe……

  • Capitalism can be successful if treated with respect (moral capitalism)
  • There is no quick solutions
  • Great things can happen in great numbers
  • Americans need to be more proactive for their country
  • With great power and money comes great responsibility
  • Almost everyone was responsible for the 2008 crash
  • We should hold the reckless banks, CEO’s, and financial institutions accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We should hold the rating agencies accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We let CDO’s and CDS’s get very dangerous and they should have been regulated
  • Many leaders were warned about the 2008 crash but did nothing
  • The bailouts were unfair
  • People should understand how bubbles work
  • Letting banks fail may have been an option
  • If we did let them fail, we should have let smaller banks take pieces of the larger reckless banks
  • If you are too big to fail, you can take down a nation
  • Theres enough money in America for us to have prosperity
  • If you work hard and you are good at what you do, you deserve a shot at the American Dream
  • The gap between rich and poor is way to big
  • More companies should remember why they are successful and help the people and their country, who made it possible
  • Paying close attention to our national debt and doing something drastic to shrink it
  • China may soon exceed our GDP
  • Globalization can be dangerous and that we should re-think our global solutions
  • In bringing back jobs to America even if it hurts a little
  • The Federal Reserve should be audited regularly
  • The Federal Reserve may have too much power
  • The Federal Reserve’s job was to avoid us from the Great Depression and 2008 crash but instead they were partly responsible
  • We cannot afford to print anymore money
  • We cannot afford to be at war
  • Printing money (quantitative easing) causes inflation
  • We should solve problems by talking rather than declaring war
  • Repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 was a bad idea
  • Nixon may have not made the right choice by taking us off the gold standard in 1971
  • Money should not be used to influence decisions in politics
  • Globalization is responsible for losing many jobs offshore
  • We keep kicking the can down the road instead of taking the pain
  • Our checks and balance system is not working well because of the people in it
  • We are slowly drifting further and from our constitution and the important ideals of our founding fathers
  • Congress is unproductive
  • Congress should be fired if they can’t do their job effectively
  • Congress should be held responsible for their actions
  • The president should be held accountable for all the promises he makes on campaign trail
  • Entitlements are getting bigger and bigger
  • Redistricting effects election outcomes
  • The revolving door between Washington and Wall Street is a huge conflict of interest
  • In simplifying the tax code
  • Money in politics should be removed or limited greatly
  • The playing field is not even because of obsessive lobbying
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop wasting time fund raising and do their jobs
  • Congressmen/women and senators should read bills before they vote on them
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop worrying about being re-elected and represent the people that voted them in for once
  • That we should pay attention to what kind of jobs are being created
  • That our unemployment is unacceptable
  • In inspiring people to bring back an American Spirit
  • We should help each other more
  • Media should be called out on their biased views
  • Bad teachers should be fired and good teachers should be rewarded
  • In exploring energy sources for the future
  • People should focus on all the red tape we spend money on healthcare
  • Malpractice law suits are out of control.
  • People are not properly informed
  • Excessive amounts of our money are spent on war, the military, overseas bases, etc.
  • We should bring back our troops but protect our borders safely.
  • There are powerful people that benefit financially from war
  • Our military is losing morale
  • Suicide rates within military personnel is at record highs
  • Innovations will save America
  • In morals and ethics
  • We should make a better world for our children’s future
  • There has to be a better way


Gerald Celente speaks about politics and morality

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Gerald Celente talks about our own morality. It’s a simple concept but unfortunately it is overlooked way too often.

Gerald Celente is a successful trend forecaster who predicted many trends including the panic of 2008, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis, the 1987 world stock market crash, increased terrorism against America, “Crusades 2000,” and the quagmire in Iraq … before war began.

Learn more about Gerald Celente