World War III : God Have Mercy On Us

The tensions in the Middle East are far too complex for most Americans to comprehend. What is happening in Israel and Gaza today will be written in our next generation's history books. Who they blame will depend on where Read more

Senator Bernie Sanders : Americans Are Angry

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This is an interesting video of Senator Bernie Sanders releasing his anger in congress about the corruption that led to the 2008 crash. Whether you’re left or right, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that most Americans probably feel the same way and THAT is enough to start asking ourselves how we can fix the system that has failed us. He mentions the unemployment rate is higher than we’re told in the media and that certain rules were loosened after banks had paid off (lobbied) the politicians. Probably the most important rule was called the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933 which basically said that regular banks like Chase and Citigroup are not allowed to gamble with your money. It was repealed (taken away) under the Clinton administration in 1999. Most people we have talked to wonder why both republicans and democrats would ever take this law away, yet it has never come back regardless of which party is in power. 

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How do Electoral College votes really work?

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How the Electoral College works in the modern world. Is this the best system or could it be better?
Source : CPG Grey

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At least that’s what this congressman is saying. What happens when a Republican Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle? Watch the fireworks as Unite In Action’s Director of Legal Affairs KrisAnne Hall and 912 Project National Co-Chair, Unite In Action President, Stephani Scruggs respond.

This took place at The National Republican Club of Capitol Hill, commonly known as the Capitol Hill Club, in Washington DC on June 28th, 2012 with Michelle Bachmann, Rep Gosar and several other members of congress as well as The Tea Party.Net. with syndicated talk show host Rusty Humphries as the MC. It was broadcast on LiveStream by The Tea Party.Net


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Very powerful video that shows a person asking himself what he would do if he wanted America to fail.

We are sharing this video from FreeMarketAmerica Youtube Channel

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Citizens Gateway recently announced that they will be producing a powerful documentary that will find real life solutions to save America’s economy. The original release date was scheduled in time for the 2012 elections but due to a lack of funds, the film has been pushed back to later in 2013. The film is non-partisan which explains why money would be hard to raise. If it was a right wing or left wing film, perhaps the movie would be in theaters in time for the election. To learn more about the film, you can visit

Mission Statement from the filmmakers

WE THE PEOPLE is a film about how to fix the American Economy and bring back the American Spirit.
We Believe……

  • Capitalism can be successful if treated with respect (moral capitalism)
  • There is no quick solutions
  • Great things can happen in great numbers
  • Americans need to be more proactive for their country
  • With great power and money comes great responsibility
  • Almost everyone was responsible for the 2008 crash
  • We should hold the reckless banks, CEO’s, and financial institutions accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We should hold the rating agencies accountable for the problems they helped create
  • We let CDO’s and CDS’s get very dangerous and they should have been regulated
  • Many leaders were warned about the 2008 crash but did nothing
  • The bailouts were unfair
  • People should understand how bubbles work
  • Letting banks fail may have been an option
  • If we did let them fail, we should have let smaller banks take pieces of the larger reckless banks
  • If you are too big to fail, you can take down a nation
  • Theres enough money in America for us to have prosperity
  • If you work hard and you are good at what you do, you deserve a shot at the American Dream
  • The gap between rich and poor is way to big
  • More companies should remember why they are successful and help the people and their country, who made it possible
  • Paying close attention to our national debt and doing something drastic to shrink it
  • China may soon exceed our GDP
  • Globalization can be dangerous and that we should re-think our global solutions
  • In bringing back jobs to America even if it hurts a little
  • The Federal Reserve should be audited regularly
  • The Federal Reserve may have too much power
  • The Federal Reserve’s job was to avoid us from the Great Depression and 2008 crash but instead they were partly responsible
  • We cannot afford to print anymore money
  • We cannot afford to be at war
  • Printing money (quantitative easing) causes inflation
  • We should solve problems by talking rather than declaring war
  • Repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 was a bad idea
  • Nixon may have not made the right choice by taking us off the gold standard in 1971
  • Money should not be used to influence decisions in politics
  • Globalization is responsible for losing many jobs offshore
  • We keep kicking the can down the road instead of taking the pain
  • Our checks and balance system is not working well because of the people in it
  • We are slowly drifting further and from our constitution and the important ideals of our founding fathers
  • Congress is unproductive
  • Congress should be fired if they can’t do their job effectively
  • Congress should be held responsible for their actions
  • The president should be held accountable for all the promises he makes on campaign trail
  • Entitlements are getting bigger and bigger
  • Redistricting effects election outcomes
  • The revolving door between Washington and Wall Street is a huge conflict of interest
  • In simplifying the tax code
  • Money in politics should be removed or limited greatly
  • The playing field is not even because of obsessive lobbying
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop wasting time fund raising and do their jobs
  • Congressmen/women and senators should read bills before they vote on them
  • Congressmen/women and senators should stop worrying about being re-elected and represent the people that voted them in for once
  • That we should pay attention to what kind of jobs are being created
  • That our unemployment is unacceptable
  • In inspiring people to bring back an American Spirit
  • We should help each other more
  • Media should be called out on their biased views
  • Bad teachers should be fired and good teachers should be rewarded
  • In exploring energy sources for the future
  • People should focus on all the red tape we spend money on healthcare
  • Malpractice law suits are out of control.
  • People are not properly informed
  • Excessive amounts of our money are spent on war, the military, overseas bases, etc.
  • We should bring back our troops but protect our borders safely.
  • There are powerful people that benefit financially from war
  • Our military is losing morale
  • Suicide rates within military personnel is at record highs
  • Innovations will save America
  • In morals and ethics
  • We should make a better world for our children’s future
  • There has to be a better way

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